Magia Luce is one of the largest representatives of lighting design industry. 11+ years in the market, 160 high-grade brands, 20,000+ unique models; these figures characterize our work better than a thousand words.

A variety of lighting fixtures from the world's leading manufacturers, including those we represent in Russia and Europe exclusively, is available to customers in our showrooms: Magia Luce in Moscow and Gaismas Magija in Riga, Latvia.

Our lighting stores are designed so that you can get to know the products as conveniently and efficiently as possible and find the best option for your interior. The Magia Luce team of professionals is always ready to help create the most aesthetically attractive and functional solutions.

We follow fashion and modern trends, respect classics and traditions, care about the quality and realization of creative tasks. All our love for the delicate play of light and shadow is embodied in the Magia Luce collections, which we gladly present to you.

Our History

Established in 2008, Magia Luce has successfully occupied its niche in the market, pleasing you for more than 10 years with quality, professionalism and passion. We treat our partners and clients with great respect, care and attention, which allows us to maintain excellent relations for years.

By constantly expanding the range of new products and brands, we export more than 12,000 lighting fixtures to Russia and abroad every month. To implement projects of varying complexity, we also collaborate with architects, designers and technical specialists.

We are proud of our work and the future that we create together for us and our children, by developing the culture of lighting and interior design.

Our mission

Our mission is to create unique interior designs and comfortable lighting by offering stylish and high-quality solutions!


1. Honesty, transparency and reliability of our services.

2. Care and support for each client.

3. Highest professionalism of each employee.

4. Open and trustful relations based on sincere communication.

5. Positive impact on our community and environment.

Social activities

We take an active part in the life of our country and the city, by regularly supporting events taking place in Russia. We are proud of the future that we creating for our children.

Our History
Our mission
Social activities

Our team

Showroom Magia Luce Mobel Expo

Olga Tjumina
Executive director
Alexandra Zyrianova
Administrative director
Elizaveta Butusova
Lighting designer
Stanislav Krasnikov
Technical specialist

Showroom Magia Luce Aviapark

Nadezhda Chirakova
Lighting designer
Darya Kosolapova
Sales manager
Natalja Chichikalo
Lighting designer
Vladimir Golovin
Lighting designer

Management company "Mirastyle Group"

Yevgeny Podyachev
Owner / General Director
Anna Tartusa
Commercial Director
Mihails Jefimovs
Development director
Eduard Markov
Administrative director

European company "Magia Luce"

Martinsh Garoza
"Spice Home” Store director
Didzis Yegers
Didzis Yegers "Lighting Academy director"
Deniss Skripa
"Spice Home" store deputy director
Anastasija Belajeva
Alexey Vazhenin
Lighting Designer
Kitija Golomba
Lighting Designer
Oksana Korolyova
Lighting Designer
Aleksandra Mežraupe
Jānis Bērziņš
Lighting Designer
Romans Stavrovskis
Lighting Designer
Krisine Racene
Lighting Designer
Evita Eizvertina
Jurijs Kosjakovs
Lighting consultant
Larisa Liepa
Lighting Designer
Designer assistant
Gunita Careva
Designer assistant
Lilita Zaltane
Designer assistant
Tatjana Piontkevicha
Accounting Specialist
Kristina Kapina
Accounting specialist


Anna Torska
Accounting department manager
Vlada Romanova
Store manager


Maris Ozolinsh
Warehouse manager
Kristaps Straders
Technical specialist
Aleksandrs Vincans
Technical specialist
Jevgēnijs Mihejevs
Technical Specialist
Vadims Kalinins
Technical specialist
Anastasija Mirošņika
Logistics Specialist
Edvards Žukovskis
Logistics Specialist
Margarita Evseeva
Logistics Specialist

Colombini Casa

Una Dombrovska
Interior Designer
Tamāra Guļajeva
Interior Designer
Tetiana Kiforenko
Interior Designer
Iveta Murujeva
Store administrator